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Adelita Husni-Bey ,

Artist at Work

Casco’s current Artists at Work are Adelita Husni-Bey who lives and works in New York and Fernando García-Dory (2014–2015) who is based in Spain (find out more about him here). Husni-Bey’s practice is process-based and often utilizes alternative pedagogical frameworks drawing from diverse sources, such as citizenship studies, anarcho-collectivist education, and Augusto Boal’s The Theatre of the Oppressed. Often reflecting on conflicts based on the use of language, definition, and the scripting of the experience of a group, workshops convened by Husni-Bey address the difficulties that preordained systems of governance (such as legislation, political representation, and language) offer contemporary societies in neoliberal economies. The collective responses to these frameworks are then variously documented through film, audio, photography, and drawing.

The project White Paper: The Law by Husni-Bey developed with Casco focuses on contesting the enclosures of private property imposed by the 2010 squatting ban in the Netherlands and similar crackdowns across Europe. It begins with a series of Public Drafting Meetings involving a collective process in the writing of a new law on housing rights and property use and taking place at various places in Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Maastricht. The exhibition includes other works by the artist dealing with housing rights including the first chapter of White Paper: The Land (2014) developed in Egypt and Clay's Lane Live Archive (2009–2012) on a housing co-op shuttered by development for the Olympic Games. The project continues Casco's long-term research into questions on housing rights as with the television program Our Autonomous Life (2010–2012) and the long-term project Grand Domestic Revolution (2009–present).

Adelita Husni-Bey (b. Milan, 1985) is an artist whose practice involves the analysis and counter-representation of hegemonic ideologies in contemporary Western societies. Recent projects also focus on rethinking radical pedagogical models within the framework of anarcho-collectivist studies. She has shown and collaborated with a number of institutions such as: Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid (2014); Maxxi Museum, Rome (2014); Gasworks, London (2012); and NBK, Berlin (2013). While doing so Husni-Bey has worked on and produced radio shows, archives, texts, seminars, and radical free-school models. She completed the Whitney Independent Study Program, New York in 2012 and will be artist-in-residence at Kadist Art Foundation, San Francisco in the fall of 2015.

The Artist at Work program was conceived in 2013 as a hosting structure for artists to work closely with the Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory team and associated communities for extended periods. Along with Casco’s artist-led projects, the program allows for the development of meaningful and long-term relationships. Former Artists at Work are Amsterdam-based Aimée Zito Lema (2013–2014) and London-based Christian Nyampeta (2012–2013).