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After the Tour 'Chicago Boys',

Kamuzu Ebbing,


From 7 to 17 April, Casco presents a short film, produced by Amsterdam based film studio Persistent Vision, featuring 'Chicago Boys' on tour in the Netherlands and interviews with its members. As an open platform for further reflection after the tour, Casco is now undertaking an editorial process of collecting the songs, notes, (self)teaching instructions and other materials created through 'Chicago Boys', which will lead to a publication on the project. At the end of this final phase, the film will be available via YouTube.  
The film is part of an interactive installation in which one of Casco's walls acts as a second protagonist, as a memory of the informal knowledge exchange that took place over the last two months, and as an invitation to share your reflections. In this way, the handwritten references from visitors and band members can be built upon. On the wall, you can read countries and regimes that came into question and references slogans such as 'Chile 1973, Pinochet economy boom until 1992' and 'When Left Left'. The installation also incorporates a collection of YouTube clips that were presented in the course of the project.  
Since 22 February, Casco has functioned as the backstage for 'Chicago Boys'. After a dynamic two-month period of practicing, performing and the collective sharing of music, thoughts and ideas, the Dutch performance tour of 'Chicago Boys' has come to an end. Calling on four cities, respectively Utrecht, Enschede, Arnhem and Amsterdam, audiences had the opportunity to experience the 70s revival band and neoliberalism study group in a constant negotiation between formality and informality, improvisation and choreography, playfulness and "serious business", and to take up the invitation to interact with the band members. 
'Chicago Boys, While We Were Singing, They Were Dreaming' was commissioned by Serpentine Gallery and first developed at the Centre for Possible Studies as part of The Edgware Road Project. 'Chicago Boys' in the Netherlands is co-organised by Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory and If I Can't Dance, I Don't Want to be Part of Your Revolution in collaboration with the Dutch Art Institute/ArtEZ. 
For more information on the rehearsals, study sessions and the Dutch performance tour click here.