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Heather Allen, Jackie Donachie, Birthe Leemeijer, Klaar van der Lippe, Toby Webster,

Project 08 Mar 1997-06 Apr 1997

Approach is an exhibition project with four artists who come as close aspossible to their public through their work, sometimes to the point ofintrusiveness. They therefore often chose a literal presence in their work.Approach presents four of these innovative performances. 
Jacqueline Donachie opens the project with Advice Bar. This is a variationof an earlier performance Let Me Be Your Bartender, in which the artistsits behind a bar in a cafe setting selling drinks and advice. 'I'm openminded, personable and I mix a mean vodka Martini. I'll only charge you0 a session, and I'll throw in a free cocktail.' Advice Bar combines themostly American habit of visiting an expensive therapist for everydayproblems, with the straight-forward English approach where life issues aredeposited at the bar of the local pub. 
Birthe Leemeijer has opened the web site whereshe tells of her encounters with walkers like Wessel on park benches in andaround Utrecht. Sitting on his favourite bench in front of Utrecht's cityhall, Wessel explained why he enjoys the view of a row of bicycles onOudegracht. Casco becomes Leijmeijer's stop-off point where she collectsthe information and stories gathered on the benches for the visitors who inturn can get a map and visit the benches, and perhaps meet Leemeijer. 
Klaar van der Lippe will spend a week at Casco with the performance Keepingthe Dream Alive, in her words, 'to meet the public and move'. Energy is akeyword in the work of Van der Lippe. Her 'experience concerts' areexciting, intense, idiosyncratic and unique events: if you've neverwitnessed one you've really missed something. In these performances she gotthe public to speedily acquire energy by successively eating chocolate,drinking coffee and dancing to house music, after which they had to puttheir fingers in a mousetrap. In Keeping the Dream Alive Klaar van derLippe will spend a marathon 7 days in Casco purely to be able to be woken,like Snow White, by the visitors. 
On 5 April 1997 at 6pm, Heather Allen will read fragments from a number ofnewspapers and novels as darkness falls. These are fragments aboutintimacy, experienced by others at another time and place, which Allentransforms into a new situation. She will speak about the personal storiesbehind such major topics as violence, war and resistance. A central themein her work is the impossibility of precisely communicating an experiencein word or image. Words and images have never had singular meaning - a wordlike 'cow', which she once wrote on a piece of wood, might have been meantto name an animal or insult a person. 
translation: Annabel Howland 
Birthe Leemijer: A journey through my room. Casco Issues#4 
Klaar van der Lippe: Meeting Henry R. / De stijl van het feitelijke / Crash. Casco Issues#2


08 Mar 1997-06 Apr 1997

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