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Event 12 Dec 2012-16 Dec 2012

ICC Guided tour, Press Conference & Screening 
ICC GUIDED TOUR, Den Haag & café talk with Lawrence Abu Hamdan and Susan Schuppli 
12 December, at different locations, the Hague 
On 12 December at 10.00, a guided tour takes place at the at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Together with artist Lawrence Abu Hamdan, we will learn more about the proceedings of the court and the audio system, which plays an important role in the hearings and is featured in the 'Aural Contract: The Whole Truth' exhibition. For more information about joining the event please contact Suzanne Tiemersma at (suzanne 
After the tour we will gather for coffee at a nearby café to reflect on the tour with Abu Hamdan and Susan Schuppli, a media artist and cultural theorist and Senior Research Fellow in Forensic Architecture, Goldsmiths University of London. In conversation with Abu Hamdan, Schluppi will draw from her current research entitled 'Entered in Evidence: An Interactive Archive That Explore the ICTY Court Records'. She will pay particular attention to two of her projects: 'Entered into Evidence - Forensic Architecture' (which deals with the issues that emerge when non textual evidence is reprocessed by the international court) and 'Evidence on Trial - Forensic Architecture' (which addresses the tension between new forms of evidence and the law, which is made explicit when media formats change, for instance). This gathering is open to everyone! To join, please meet the group at 12.30 at the ICC main gate located on Maanweg 174, Den Haag.  
PRESS CONFERENCE ‘Conflicted Phonemes' 
14 December 14.30-17.00, at Casco 
With statements by a representative of the Somali community,Adriana van Dooijeweert (Advisory Committee on Migration Affairs), Rian Ederveen (Stichting LOS), Maaike Verrips (De Taalstudio), Peter de Haan (Director Vrede van Utrecht), Janna Ullrich (graphic designer of ‘Conflicted Phonemes’) and artist Lawrence Abu Hamdan. 
The "Press Conference" features the presentation of 'Conflicted Phonemes' to Chairwoman of the Advisory Committee on Migration Affairs, Adriana van Dooijeweert. 'Conflicted Phonemes' is an alternative set of maps created in a workshop with Somali asylum seekers during 'Aural Contract: The Whole Truth' in collaboration with Stichting LOS (Landelijk Ongedocumenteerden Steunpunt) and De Taalstudio. Using Somalia as an example, the maps reveal the questionable nature of language analysis used to identify asylum seekers' place of origin and raise questions about the issues of inclusion/exclusion and internationalism. During the press conference, van Dooijeweert will give a short presentation on the Committee's advice 'Evaluating Expertise' (2012) as response.  
SCREENING 'The Freedom of Speech Itself' 
14 December 17.30-18.30, at Casco 
A screening of Abu Hamdan's previous audio documentary 'The Freedom of Speech Itself', will follow at 17.30. The audio documentary explores the use of the accent tests used for identifying where immigrant accents originate from. 
'Aural Contract' is an ongoing research project by artist Lawrence Abu Hamdan that examines the politics of listening by focusing on the role of the voice in law. Commissioned by Casco, the project evolves further with a new audio documentary entitled 'The Whole Truth' and a set of maps titled 'Conflicted Phonemes'. Both question the changing role of testimony in the face of new immigration policies, emerging technologies and sciences. For more information on the project see here.


12 Dec 2012-16 Dec 2012

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