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Drawn In Drawn Out, Studying the Commons

8,00 €

This publication was conceived of and written by the study group formed on the occasion of We Are the Time Machines: Time and Tools for Commoning (WTM), an exhibition and study program that ran at Casco – Office for Art Design and Theory from 15 November, 2015 through 13 March, 2016.

Study group members are: Steyn Bergs, Joana Chicau, Binna Choi, Halbe Kuipers, Nicolas Muñoz Saldaña, and Whitney Stark.

Other occasional participants of the study group include Lindsay Grace Weber and Mari Pitkänen.

Price: 8,00 €

365 Days of Invisible Work

20,00 €

365 Days of Invisible Work is a compendium of political representations of domestic work collected by the Domestic Worker Photographer Network, an online community of amateur photographers made up of migrant workers, gardeners, dishwashers, artists, teachers, and many more. Organized as a calendar, 365 Days of Invisible Work is dedicated to making visible the myriad labours negated by oppressive capitalist structures by highlighting the daily work of cleaners, mothers, interns, care-givers, and many others!

Price: 20,00 €

Two Voices / Due Voce: Alex Martinis Roe

8,00 €

An exchange of letters; two mother tongues; two ways to tell a story. What happened during the week-long meetings in 1972 organized by the MLF (Mouvement de libération des femmes) and Psychoanalyse et Politique (which formed in 1968 in Paris), which were attended by some of the women who went on to found The Milan Women’s Bookstore Collective? These encounters gave rise to a series of practices that continue to distinguish the Italian movement. The publication Two Voices offers an opening into this story.


Price: 8,00 €

INLAND Volume: Publishing Class V

25,00 €

In a time when the earth has been mined to a point of no return and the commons are more and more enclosed, this artists’ book questions, offers tools and ponders the possible entanglements of art and agriculture, land, (agro-)ecology, rural knowledges, commoning practices and forms of resistance.

Price: 25,00 €

Talk or Sing

15,00 €


Ⅰ. Catherine Wood – SUNG HWAN KIM, TEMPER CLAY p.7
Ⅱ. Sung Hwan Kim – TALK OR SING p.25
Ⅴ. Gregg Smith – MALLEABLE TRACKS(from L’Avventura to Die Antwoord) p.117

serial gestures p.3
temper clay p.40
gak jju gu geom p.80
call and response in two tongues p.108
swiftly fading daguerrotype p.112
picidae p.116

Price: 15,00 €

Flamin’ Stars - Publishing Class IV: Community in Print

12,00 €

Flamin’ Stars is a collaborative sound work by artist and writer Sarah Jones, sound producer Julika, and designer Iván Martinez. The hour-long narrative piece, reminiscent of a radio drama, is based on a series of short, poetic texts developed during a residency period in Texas in 2013. The work moves the listener along the border between Marfa and El Paso engaging in a kind of visual and emotional cartography.

Price: 12,00 €

TRANSLATION IN THE DARK PART 1 "I Won't Be Born" - Publishing Class IV: Community in Print

8,00 €

The first issue in the series TRANSLATION IN THE DARK features the first and only translation from Amharic into English of selections of Ethiopian novelist Abe Gubegna's seminal novel I Won’t Be Born (1962). Part 1 also proudly features a new translation (Amharic into English) of poetry by contemporary Ethiopian artist and poet Mihret Kebede.

Price: 8,00 €