Animal Estates: Regional Model Homes 6.0

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Issues of sustainability and co-existence play a central role in the practice of LA-based architect and artist Fritz Haeg, which crosses the boundaries between architecture, activism, and art. With 'Animal Estates 6.0: Utrecht,' commissioned by Casco, Fritz Haeg focuses on five species that may be accommodated in the human-dominated urban environment of Utrecht with modest, manmade "estates."  
The booklet, or field guide, provides an overview of the project and information on each of the five animals and their estates. The five local consultants contribute information, images and stories. As part of the on-going Animal Estates project, each animal client is featured in a postcard with a story and image of it's estate. 
The five Utrecht Animal Estates are simple in construction and material.  
6.1: a small wood platform as feeding station for the butterfly; 6.2: a cavity nest/small hole in the brick wall of a local canal for the kingfisher; 6.3: a wood nestbox for the swift; 6.4: a large compost pile for the snake; 6.5: a small pond for the frog.


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