Bernadette Corporation: A Dead Sentence Here and Abroad

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A spoken word-CD by Bernadette Corporation & Friends, dedicated to an investigation into the hidden world of direct action today. The CD includes poems, manifestos, music, stories and traditional prayers that are downloaded from websites. The music originates from the traditions of Africa, Latin America, Jazz, Hip Hop and Arabia. 
Bernadette Corporation is a devoted lover, griotte, poet, writer and mediadirector, based in Berlin-Paris-Rome. Her work has been published in literary magazines, anthologies and audio recordings. Her long history of spoken word performances has brought her to big and small venues, television and radio, as well as prisons and schools. She has performed alongside poets, dancers, visual artists and musicians such as Werner Von Delmont and Chloe Sevigny. 
As a contemporary exhibition artist, she has published her own folkbooks, and produced and promoted literary events since 1996. ‘A Death Sentence Here and Abroad’ is an edition of 500 CD’s published by Casco. 


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Spoken word CD by Bernadette Corporation & Friends

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