Casco Issues 2: Parallel Worlds

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The artists in this issue explain links and relationships between unequal quantities - between reality, fiction and the virtual: 
Casco Issues # 2 is a hop, skip and jump between different worlds. 
Hervé Paraponaris presents his collection Tout ce que vous ai volé. For a year or two he has been stealing small objects from institutions, individuals or companies. He places them within the context of art in the exhibition space, and gives them a second life as a replica on his website. Klaar van der Lippe combines her quest for the dream, Henry Rollins, with the registration of her recovery after an accident: art as life, and life as art. Tariq Alvi proposes in Artist abducted by aliens (interview by Lisette Smits and Mariette Dölle): “I think the experiences of abduction by aliens could be true. [1] we draw a line between what we regard as reality and what is fantasy, and in the western world, we reject the notion of a spirit world. We think this is the world because we perceive it as such, but it could be completely different and this is the point where art is the most exciting.”


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Sylvie Almar, Tariq Alvi, Anna Best, Klaar van der Lippe, Herve Paraponaris, Fordacity, Jason Rhoades, V'Ketah, Niek van der Steeg

Edited by

Mariette Dölle
Lisette Smits
Domeniek Ruyters

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Femke Snelting

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