Casco Issues 8: Multiplicity

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The publications in Multiplicity are an investigation into the influence of new technology on society and the resulting cultural production. 
Technological developments, particularly digitalisation, have an explicit impact on both the onset and the appearance of (art) objects and images – not only in terms of production and design methods, but also the way (art-)objects and images are disseminated and read through the media. Despite an extensive visualization of contemporary society, our acts and thoughts are influenced most by the invisible processes of production, distribution and mediatisation. 
Electronic and digital media, with their infinite reproductive possibilities, have deeply affected questions on authorship (original and copy) and identity (the real, true). Multiplicity is an investigation of this impact on the arts and other cultural expressions. 
Topics that are discussed in Casco Issues #8 are: New models of authorship, questions surrounding intellectual property and copyright. Furthermore, attention is paid to multimedia performance, and the influence of the “experience-economy” on art and design (including architecture and music).


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Arie Altena, Kobe Matthys, Rosemary Coombe, Marc Bijl, Peter Bilak, Mercedes Bunz, Yvonne Dröge Wendel, Miltos Manetas, Hinrich Sachs, Tarik Sadouma, Jaakko van 't Spijker, Lars Lerup

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Lisette Smits
Maaike Gottschal
Arne Hendriks
Roos Gortzak

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Joey Kops
Edwin van den Dungen

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