Parasite Lottery music and comic on vinyl records

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Double 7″ vinyls with gatefold cover

Four tracks:
Vinyl 1
Side A: Pull The Plug
Side B: Slow Burn
Vinyl 2
Side A: Storm Over Cut
Side B: We Are Parasites

The songs were released for Parasite Lottery, a project initiated by Yogyakarta-based artist and cultural activist Wok The Rock and developed together with the Casco team as a pilot collective lottery system for art organizations in the Netherlands and their communities. Adapting and fusing a lottery model for art funding that survives despite the dwindling of other cultural budgets and arisan, a commons-oriented micro-crediting system popular in Indonesia, Parasite Lottery invited four art organizations together as bidders, winners and hosts of lottery drawing events that are open to the public. The winners received a sum of money to be used as a “fee for deviation”. In other words, the prize money was to be spent on something that the winning organization would usually never have the budget for. For example, the money could equally be spent on “doing nothing”, just as it could be used for a project that was otherwise not possible, due to a lack of financial resources.

Beyond the prize itself, Parasite Lottery is a collective exploration of chance effects, not just in the thrill of winning, but also through a series of gatherings that took place around it, including talks, food, and music. The latter was produced by Wok The Rock in collaboration with Berlin and Yogykarta-based musician Frau (Leilani Hermiasih), and the song lyrics were be written in collaboration with several Dutch art professionals. These invoke key issues relating to cultural policies and their effects on art organizations, ranging from austerity measures and precarity to the debt economy, and questions concerning sustainability and solidarity.

Enjoy songs as well as their lyrics and the accompanying comic strips on Casco’s Soundcloud page.

Songs also available for via SoundCloud or via the project website!


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Dimensions: 18.5 cm × 18.5 cm × 0.5 cm


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