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Show Talks is an ongoing online collection of audio pieces relating to art exhibitions in Europe. The audio pieces, which are free to download, use both official and unofficial language referring to particular exhibitions, as their material. In this way, they aim to examine the range of ways in which art is discussed and mediated, and to inquire as to how we value this written and verbal material as a supplement to or even a substitute for the work itself. The audio pieces become available soon after the opening of the exhibition and so function as “audio guides” of sorts, to be listened to in the gallery space, directly on the website, or elsewhere. They also remain available after the exhibitions close, allowing them to serve as alternative documentation of present-day exhibition making.

As well as a website hosting the sound pieces, printed flyers and banner ads placed on cultural websites form part of the Show Talks project, enabling it to make use of the same methods employed by art institutions to publicize themselves.

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