TRANSLATION IN THE DARK PART 1 "I Won't Be Born" - Publishing Class IV: Community in Print

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The first issue in the series TRANSLATION IN THE DARK features the first and only translation from Amharic into English of selections of Ethiopian novelist Abe Gubegna's seminal novel I Won’t Be Born (1962). Part 1 also proudly features a new translation (Amharic into English) of poetry by contemporary Ethiopian artist and poet Mihret Kebede. As a series, TRANSLATION IN THE DARK embarks on a mission to employ unorthodox translation methods with the intention of honoring the misunderstandings, mishearings, missed translations, and misinterpretations that multiply and deepen meaning. As a fundamental part of this aim, the series offers a method for the redistribution of roles of author, translator, publisher, editor, and reader.



8,00 €


Supported by


Marianna Maruyama

Edited by

Janine Armin
Bejamin Thorel
Yolande van der Heide

Design by

Amir Avraham

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Publication Status


DAI / Casco



Dimensions: 1800 mm × 120 mm × 0 mm