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Commoning Forum Series, part of the Study Program,


As part of the We Are the Time Machines: Time and Tools for Commoning Study Program, we are proud to present the Commoning Forum Series. This series consists of four full afternoon programs dealing with four major sites for commoning: economy, art organization, governance, and aesthetics. We hope you join us on these occasions to study, struggle, and plan together!

Forum I, Commoning Economy, Sun 17 Jan 2016 
with economic geographer Katherine Gibson, researcher Martijn Jeroen van der Linden, philosopher Philippe Van Parijs, and research collective (Un)usual Business

Even if we are living in a society where capitalism seems to dominate, another form of economy of community well-being and non-monetary interaction is already being practiced: “community economy.” Coupled with the proposal to replace the current waged-based society with “universal basic income,” this forum delves into these two alternative and more equal models of economic organization.

Forum II, Commoning Art OrganizationSat 30 Jan 2016
with artist Annette Krauss, art theorist Andrea Phillips, curator Nora Sternfeld, and the Casco team

How should an art organization work if it intends to not only talk about, but also practice the commons? How do its front end (presentation) and back end (organization and mode of working) relate? From this starting point, we aim to learn to see the art organization, with its capabilities and resources, as a commons, and discuss its “unlearning” practice and trajectories.

Forum III, Commoning Governance, Sun 28 Feb 2016
with founder of the P2P Foundation Michel Bauwens, eco-philosopher Aetzel Griffioen, and researcher and cultural worker Manuela Zechner

From art organization to city council, this is a moment to discuss how commons work on different scales. Concrete projects in practice are discussed including Commons Transition Platform and Barcelona en Comú.

Forum IV, Commoning Aesthetics, Sat 12 Mar 2016
with art historians and critics  Sven Lütticken and Jorinde Seijdel, curator Annie Fletcher, director of Tensta konsthall Maria Lind, architect and thinker Stavros Stavrides, art theorist Marina Vishmidt, and artist and writer Arseny Zhilyaev, organized with Open! Platform for Art, Culture & the Public Domain for our joint series Commonist Aesthetics

Could we take “Commonism” as the contemporary afterlife of the idea of communism, after the Party, after the Proletariat as Revolutionary Subject, after the “statist” model of the revolution? If so, what of its aesthetics, pertaining to the world of the senses, within and beyond institutionally defined artistic practice?

The program details and update will be announced in the New Year. Forums start at 14:00 hrs and are free to all. However, reservations are required for organizer and contributor preparation (and yes, seating is limited too); e-mail Steyn Bergs at

On the day of the forum, come earlier and make your own time to read through and see the exhibition project We Are the Time Machines: Time and Tools for Commoning open from 12:00 hrs.

The forums will be in English.

The Commoning Forum Series is curated by media and research coordinator at Casco Steyn Bergs and director at Casco Binna Choi, and is organized by the Casco team.


Special Dates

17 Jan 2016

Forum I, Commoning Economy

30 Jan 2016

Forum II, Commoning Art Organization

28 Feb 2016

Forum III, Commoning Governance

12 Mar 2016

Forum IV, Commoning Aesthetics

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Casco’s program is made possible with financial support from City Council of UtrechtMondriaan FundDOEN Foundation, and European Union Culture ProgrammeWe Are the Time Machines: Time and Tools for Commoning is also supported by K.F. Hein Fund