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Cop Talk / Recruiting!,

Chris Evans,

Lecture 24 Mar 2005

ongoing project 
Chris Evans is inviting the national police force to give presentations at art academies in the Netherlands, illustrating the opportunities within such a career and encouraging students to join up. 
The police are often regarded as being the antithesis of creativity, the arts, freedom of expression etcetera, yet they are part of a symbiosis where environments of creation and enforcement are inextricably linked - from a possible collusion between the aesthetic ambitions of the avant-garde with the political ambitions of totalitarian states (as suggested by the writer and curator Boris Groys in his exhibition Dream Factory Communism) to the discreet methods of endorsement and encouragement and sanctioning within art institutions. 
For a country to have an effective police force, its constituent employees should reflect the demographics of its society. It is perhaps inevitable that members of arts communities are under-represented in the nations policing and this presentation is an attempt to address this situation and to begin to reverse this bias. 
From the perspective of art educational institutions, only a small proportion of art and design students continue to pursue a career directly linked to their studies. The recruitment talk should highlight the necessity for students to consider, at an early stage, what alternative careers they might go on to pursue, whilst acknowledging the asset of non-vocational study and how it can enrich the creativity, thought production, quality and value within the sectors of service, commerce and government. 
This first in a series of police recruitment lectures took place on 24 March at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.


24 Mar 2005

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