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Luca Frei,

Project 22 Oct 2005-27 Nov 2005

For its presentation at Casco Publish and be Damned will be housed within Cubitus, a newly commissioned installation devised by the Swiss artist Luca Frei.

Comprised of stacked wooden units, Frei has created a flexible structure that acts both as an open archive and as seating. The starting point for Cubitus is an image of La Bibliotèque des Enfants that the artist has found in the Centre George Pompidou's annual report Rapport d'Activité (1982), while researching into the Swiss sociologist Albert Meister’s book La soi-disant utopie du centre beaubourg (1976) – a fictitious history of a space more than 70 floors under the fundaments of the then newly opened Centre Pompidou where alternative forms of culture take place. With Cubitus, Frei's intention is to introduce that image into his long term research, and to revitalise within contemporary social, cultural and political framework.

Cubitus was generously supported by the Mondriaan Foundation, Gemeente Utrecht, and Pro Helvetia


22 Oct 2005-27 Nov 2005

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