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Entanglement ~ Urban Trajectories,

Project 11 Jun 2013-23 Jun 2013

Inspired by various artistic practices and urban geographical research (see below for some of our sources of inspiration), Casco begins a new research project, 'Entanglement'. With this ongoing inquiry, we propose a topological understanding of space. Instead of an entity, a quantity or an identity, which can easily be divided and sold, Entanglement brings forth pathways, lines and relationships as ways of understanding – and forming - selves, collectives, institutions and cities in common and for the commons. Making alternative pathways and developing diagrammatic visualisations of these pathways are central to the methodology of this project. Casco as an institutional space embedded in various contexts is also a subject of the investigation, leading us towards different modes of qualifying institutional affects.

The first stage of 'Entanglement' takes off with 'Urban Trajectories', a project initiated by urban geographer Jan van Duppen together with Aorta Centre for Architecture and Vrede van Utrecht. Urban Trajectories explores the cycling routes that Utrecht inhabitants use between the Leidsche Rijn suburb and the city centre. The research shows that we often experience the city in a normative and functional way, moving from home to school, from the train station to work, from home to the supermarket and back, following roads developed by functionalist city planning. The project also shows that there have been deviations from the norms and even demands for alternative paths. 'Entanglement', as an artistic contribution within 'Urban Trajectories', is going to create and trace them!


Fri 21, 15:00-16:00, public opening, 'Urban Trajectories' at Aorta (Achter de Dom 14)
Lectures by urban geographer Jan van Duppen (founding researcher of Urban Trajectories) and architect Stefan Bendiks (author of 'Cycle Infrastructure').

Fri 21, 16:30-17:15, public opening, 'Entanglement ~ Urban Trajectories' at Casco (Nieuwekade 213-215)
Presentations of Entanglement by co-curator Sanne Oorthuizen (Casco) and graphic designer Olya Troitskaya, HKU students, artist Asia Komarova and others.

*After the opening, we cycle from Casco to several entangled places, including Het Gebouw and Asia Komarova’s De Halte – Een Buitengewoon Buitenbuurthuis in Leidsche Rijn. Bring your bike and join us!*


Tues 11-Wed 12, all day, 'Which Way Brouwn?' at Het Gebouw and Casco
Closed workshop connecting topology to the work of the Dutch conceptual artist Stanley Brouwn and to Leidsche Rijn. In collaboration with art historian Eric de Bruyn, graphic designer Olya Troitskaya and students of the HKU (by invitation only).

Sat 15, all day, seed exchange, 'Sharing is Caring' 
Artist Asia Komarova and de Halte host a public seed exchange en route from de Halte in Leidsche Rijn to various urban garden initiatives in Utrecht. Do you want to cycle along? Should you like to join, please e-mail Ying Que via ying@cascoprojects.org.

Sat 22, 15:00-17:00, 'Public Dialogue on Social Capital' (location tba)
Join us for a lively and informal public debate on social capital, following a “sailing together” (boat meeting) with co-housing initiatives in both Utrecht city centre and Leidsche Rijn. Initiated by artists Bart Stuart & Klaar van der Lippe. With contributions by Jan van Duppen, several co-housing initiatives and others.

Sat 22-Sun 23, all day, 'Yellow Marking'
Interventions in the routes between Leidsche Rijn and Utrecht city centre, questioning the relation between mapping and the “act of passing-by,” leading or misleading us in directions we least expected. Can you find its traces? With directions by artist Annette Krauss and in collaboration with designer Yejin Cho and participants of 'Urban Trajectories'.

Diagram/map and website presentation

Fri 21-Sun 23, all day, presentation, 'Entanglement ~ Urban Trajectories' at Casco + launch, Entanglement website
'Entanglement ~ Urban Trajectories' culminates in a series of diagrams, , designed by Olya Troitskaya. These diagrams/maps, as well as a special Entanglement website, are presented at Casco on 21, 22 and 23 June. Pass by!

The second station of Entanglement takes place at Close, Closer, the third Lisbon Architecture Triennial (12 Sept – 15 Dec 2013) under the title The Institute Effect. More information here.


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'Entanglement ~ Urban Trajectories' is a collaboration between Casco, architecture centre Aorta and Vrede van Utrecht, in the framework of the Vrede van Utrecht in the Neighbourhood programme on 21-22-23 June 2013. It is kindly supported by Stichting DOEN.

The activities of Casco are made possible with financial support by Gemeente Utrecht, Stichting DOEN and Mondriaan Fonds. Support is also provided by the European Commission Culture 2007-2013 Programme in the context of 'COHAB', a two-year project initiated by: Casco, Utrecht; The Showroom, London; and Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm.