Foundnation (Tout ce que je vous ai volé)

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Foundnation (Tout ce que je vous ai volé),

Herve Paraponaris,

Project 02 Nov 1996-01 Dec 1996

Under the watchful eye of a sparkling mirrored ceiling, we present Hervé Paraponaris' new stolen collection. A collection of various small objects, stolen by Paraponaris from institutes, individuals or companies. Paraponaris places them in an art context, thereby creating confusion as to the status of the (art) object: its meaning, economic value and history. Displayed on tables and sorted according to origin - objects stolen from institutes on a blue table, objects stolen from individuals on a yellow table - the collection is made public and thereby returned to the audience. The video projected onto the window at night 'City Space Radio' was made in Copenhagen: a camera endlessly cruises the city streets capturing the images of shops, shop windows, traffic and the city's inhabitants as they pass by.


02 Nov 1996-01 Dec 1996

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