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Friend Of The Magic Torch,

David Miles, Aleksandra Mir,

Project 13 Apr 1997-17 May 1997

In 1996 David Miles made a series of works which he called 'Devices'. Thesewere precisely made cardboard instruments. The concrete presence of thesesoft grey devices are a blatant contradiction to the suffering anduncertainty their instructions claim to remedy. Miles has made a tool thatneutralizes negative thoughts (he often takes it to friends) and a devicethat registers happy times (Device 4). It is tempting to believe they work;the devices are made to be as convincing as possible with ingeniousconfigurations of radars and knobs, each with its own function.Miles is 'a friend of the magic torch'. Concealed behind this titledespair lies transformed into absurd humour. His work presents a sober, butmerciless summary of life's inadequacies. Unsolvable problems becomevisible for moment when confronted with his Devices. 
In Casco David Miles has made one of his designs full size. The visitorscan walk onto a stage via a small ladder. In the middle of the stage is ahuman-size hole which one can disappear into, never to reappear. Milesoffers a way out of situations we don't want to be part of anymore - anexit to an unknown destination. 
translation: Annabel Howland


13 Apr 1997-17 May 1997

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