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Katerina Šedá, Katerina Seda,

Performance 15 Dec 2010-16 Dec 2010

Utrecht and Puttershoek 
Please note the change of the date due to the circumstances of the senior participants. For further information on participating in this ACTION, please click here or contact Yolande van der Heide ( 
Artist Katerina Šedá often collaborates with specific groups of people to create rules for games or instructions in order to realise new forms of collective agency. Although seemingly authoritative and absurd, the rules are often developed in a process of conversation with the residents/ participants and mutually constituted as a device to 'act together'. For ‘User’s Manual: The Grand Domestic Revolution’, Katerina along engages a neighbourhood in a Dutch town called Puttershoek, in which a new quarter is being renewed, consisting of a retirement home, pre-school, apartments among other facilities, towards the ‘official’ goal of bringing together young and old generations of people. Although the development has increased the amount of private space in these structures, the relationships between residents are steadily receding.  
Katerina, along with the Puttershoek residents and workers, problematise the 'renewed' structures–which they find impersonal, isolating and enclosing in their aesthetic and functional dimensions– and will conceive of ways to respond to this condition over the year. The first action in this process will assemble the senior residents of this district with helpers from Utrecht in Puttershoek, forming a ‘common concentration’, to plan an intervention that renegotiates the social spatial agency that previously existed in the old structures, with the new design.  
ACTION is realised in collaboration with SKOR.  
'The Grand Domestic Revolution GOES ON' is a midway manifestation of 'User's Manual: The Grand Domestic Revolution' (GDR), Casco's long term 'living research' project developed in partnership with Utrecht Manifest: Biennial for Social Design. Clickhere for information on the entire GDR GOES ON programme.