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GDR GOES ON - Tensta,

Exhibition 18 Jan 2014-18 May 2014

The Grand Domestic Revolution GOES ON to Tensta konsthall with its library! The library is a growing collection of over 200 books, documents, and films considered to be “revolutionary” tools concerning domestic labor, organizing, artistic and architectural methods of participation and cooperation, feminism, alternative economies, philosophical inquiries into community, and feminist utopian science fiction. A selection presented here is hosted in a setting of decorated objects by Stockholm-based artist duo Åsa Norberg and Jennie Sundén. The artists’ arrangement is a continuation of their earlier project, Years of thinking in common, which took as its starting point the social and political attitudes, lifestyles, and aesthetic ideals of the Bloomsbury Group, the art and design enterprise Omega Workshops, and the house Charleston where many of the group’s members spent a lot of time together. The artists are interested in merging professional and private life as well as domestic and work spaces, creating arts and crafts in view of a larger endeavor to live collectively.