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Hilde goes Asger with Mattin,


Performance 12 Jan 2014, 15:00-18:00

Performance & Lecture, Hilde de Bruijn and Mattin, Sunday 12 January, "Utrecht's Cultural Sunday", 15:00-18:00 hrs, Casco, Nieuwekade 213-215, Utrecht 
This two-part event on the first "Cultural Sunday" of 2014 in Utrecht is inspired by the legacy of artist Asger Jorn (1914–1973),a founding member of the avant-garde movement COBRA and the Situationist International. Jorn wrote over 700 articles and books, integrating his thinking into an all-encompassing theory on art and life derived from his outspoken position on increasing connections between philosophical and artistic practice, thereby emboldening the artist’s position in society. His various attempts to straddle cultural and philosophical boundaries and expand our field of visual knowledge provide rich tools for engaging with contemporary issues, such as the place of economy with respect to artistic practice. 
Hilde de Bruijn, freelance curator and curator at the Cobra Museum of Modern Art in Amstelveen, delivers a lecture largely based on Jorn's text Value and Economy – Critique of political economy and the exploitation of the unique (1959). De Bruijn relates Jorn’s ideas on the artist’s position in society to current notions of cultural entrepreneurship that are enacted within a political situation some sociologists call "repressive liberalism". This presentation is followed by a sound performance by artist Mattin who responds to the call for "creative destruction" in De Bruijn's lecture, and recalls musical experiments that Jorn instigated with the French artist Jean Dubuffet (1901–1985) in the late 1960s. 
Mattin: "Anytime I want I got a right to move No matter what they say Said anytime I want I got a right to move No matter what they say 'Cause I got a right, a right to move Anytime I want any old time Said I got a right a right to move Anytime I want'"  
The event is organized as part of De Bruijn's curatorial research into Jorn’s writing and thinking, reflected in the blog www.hildegoesasger.org
www.hildegoesasger.org is supported by the Mondriaan Fund.


12 Jan 2014, 15:00-18:00

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