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Open Seminar 12 Sep 2013, 19:30-22:00

An open seminar with London based artist Nils Norman, organised by Casco and Sandberg Instituut Fine Arts. Admission is free for all and no reservation is required. 
Informed by local politics and ideas on alternative economic and ecological systems, as well as play, Norman's work spans various areas including public art, urban planning, architecture, radical education, alternative social movements, and utopianism. This seminar is an opportunity to learn about the artist’s over 15 years of research-based artistic practice.  
The departure point of the seminar is Casco’s new office/play facility, designed by Norman in collaboration with Casco, that allows for a reworking of institutional behavior. While sharing some key references — including a slideshow from Norman's ongoing archival research into adventure playgrounds and defensive architecture — the artist shares the way in which his vision of the politics of space in relation to utopianism and recent social movements is articulated through his playful yet critically poignant artistic language. 
Preceding Norman's talk, Choi gives an introductory presentation on how a critical artistic space manifests through plays with spatial structure. Going beyond the tradition of institutional critique, Choi takes examples from a few past projects at Casco so as to offer a background on both Norman's commission and the decision to relocate the institution.

About Open Seminar

The Open Seminar at Casco is a framework that, outside of school walls, hosts public seminars with artists as researchers in collaboration with universities and academies of various disciplines in the Netherlands. The format is developed after the inspiring collaborations with the Faculty of Humanities of Utrecht University, especially its Graduate Gender Programmeand the Dutch Art Institute / ArtEZ Master of Fine Arts. 
Casco Programme is made possible with financial support of Gemeente Utrecht, Mondriaan Fonds, Stichting DOEN, K.F Hein Fonds, and European Union Culture Porgramme.


12 Sep 2013, 19:30-22:00

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