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Karlskrona2 / Utrecht2,

Superflex, Nathan Coley,

Project 28 Feb 1999-18 Apr 1999

Karlskrona2 is a virtual 'shadow city' of Karlskrona, the Swedish port which is planned to become the new IT centre of Sweden. This will involve enormous growth and change in the composition of the population. Karlskrona2, designed by Superflex, is to begin with an exact replica of the real city and can only be visited on the Internet by the inhabitants of Karlskrona. The virtual inhabitants will change the city, redefine the functions of the buildings, alter the social hierarchies and update existing laws. 
Karlskrona2 is being presented at Casco as a pilot model for other developing cities. Superflex has held discussions with Dutch specialists in the field of urban development and virtual cities in order to further develop the model. Superflex is particularly interested in the growth of the city of Utrecht; through the Vinex project 'Leidsche Rijn', Utrecht will increase in size by almost a third in the next ten years. Linked to these developments, Superflex will test the usability of the virtual city Utrecht2 for the Leidsche Rijn project. 
The Danish artists' group Superflex works as a coordinating element between art, business and various areas of research. Their projects vary from the construction of an energy system for equatorial regions and the building of a virtual Swedish city, to managing the record label Supermusic. In 1997 they launched their Biogas project in a small village in Tanzania. In collaboration with the Danish and African engineers they developed a simple, portable biogas unit which is able to produce enough gas to fulfil the cooking and lighting needs of an entire family in Africa. 
translation: Annable Howland 
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28 Feb 1999-18 Apr 1999

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