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Army of Love & The Library of Unread Books Opening 25 Nov, 12:00–15:00

Army of Love with Dora García & Ingo Niermann
& The Library of Unread Books by Heman Chong & Renée Staal
26 November 2017 – 25 February 2018
Opening 25 November 2017, 12:00–15:00, with lunch!

We open our fall season with double exhibition presentations: Army of Love with artist Dora García and writer Ingo Niermann and The Library of Unread Books by Heman Chong and Renée Staal.

Initiated by writer Ingo Niermann and further developed by Dora García and others, Army of Love aims for intimate fulfilment of justice in the face of patriarchy, racism, and corporo-facism. The project-cum-supergroup strives to offer all-encompassing love to those who need it, and they are ready to receive love from those who want to give it. For the army, love encompasses diverse forms and practices of care, desire, sex, and respect.

Even in speculative iterations of society without private property and where everyone has access to basic commodities, attractiveness is not distributed equally, often leaving out those deemed by normative standards ugly, old, disabled, or unsuccessful by unequal standards. This is not to simply suggest that “love is the answer.” But as long as love is involved in relations of exchange, it remains a pressing question in need of our attention. At Casco, we will organized a training camp [link] with Army of Love (11–14 October) to collectively explore and practice inclusive approaches to love, and what the Army could and should be.

Alongside the Army of Love training camp, Casco will host a library of books, unread by their previous owners, as part of Heman Chong and Renée Staal’s ten-year project The Library of Unread Books. Comprising of donated books, the living reference library reveals and traces of the perimeters of excess knowledge. The project’s membership and collection ethos follows this spirit of excess. In order to gain lifetime access to the library, visitors simply donate an unread book to the onsite librarian and receive in exchange a personalized library card. Please drop a line to to make an early donation to the library.

More information on both projects is coming soon.

* Army of Love and The Library of Unread Books take place in a year of transition at Casco, where we change our name from Casco—Office for Art, Design and Theory to Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons.

New titles at NY Art Book Fair!

We're pleased to be returning to the New York Art Book Fair this year with some brand new titles, hot off the press! Come by our booth (C09) for a copy and to say hi!  

365 Days of Invisible Work
Werker Collective
With contributions by: The Domestic Worker Photography Network
Binna Choi, Yolande van der Heide (Eds.)

Drawn In Drawn Out, Studying the Commons
With contributions by: Steyn Bergs, Joana Chicau, Binna Choi, Halbe Kuipers, Nicolas Muñoz Saldaña, and Whitney Stark
Steyn Bergs, Binna Choi (Eds.)

White Paper: On Land, Law and the Imaginary
With contributions by: E.C. Feiss, Adelita Husni-Bey, Ana Méndez de Andes, Mohammad Rabie, Emilio Santiago
Antonia Alampi, Binna Choi, Jens Maier-Rothe, Pablo Martinez (Eds.)

Check out more titles on offer at the fair or if you are unable to attend place an order via our online bookshop!

Irregular opening hours in September 2017

Irregular (office) opening hours & visits in September 2017

In the process of making our transition from Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory into Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons, we are temporarily working behind closed doors. This “behind-the-scenes” work includes preparations for two upcoming projects. The Army of Love Training Camp workshop series with writer Ingo Niermann, artist Dora Garcia, and many others will take place 11-14 October 2017. The subsequent exhibition by and with Army of Love soldiers opens on 25 November 2017. On the same date, we will also see the opening of The Library of Unread Books by Heman Chong and Renée Staal.

In the meantime, a few publications are also on their way: Drawn In Drawn Out: Studying the Commons, conceived and written by the study group formed on the occasion of the exhibition and study program We Are the Time Machines: Time and Tools for Commoning (WTM); 365 Days of Invisible Work, developed with Werker Collective; and Site for Unlearning (Art Organization), with artist and long-time Casco collaborator Annette Krauss. Official launch events for these long-awaited books are in the works, too!

Importantly, we are also working on a new organizational structure and recruiting new members to join our team.

During this period - limited to the month of September - we have decided to operate Casco a bit more nomadically. This means that our headquarters at the beautiful Abraham Dolehof are not always opened and we do not stick to the regular office hours.

If you would like to drop by the office to meet one of us, or to visit our research library and bookshop, please make sure to contact us in advance by sending an e-mail to, or call +31(0)30 231 99 95.

And please save the dates for the occasions mentioned above: further announcements will follow soon!

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"Words from the Land," Erfgoed at Hof ter Weyde, 22 July 2017

“Words from the Land” at the farmhouse Hof ter Weyde, as part of Erfgoed, 22 July 2017