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Open Call: Head of Diverse Economies,

Open call 16 Jan 2018-05 Feb 2018

Head of Diverse Economies

3 days per week

Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons maintains a living practice of a diverse economy (the term coined by feminist economists Julie Graham and Katherine Gibson) — that is an economy consisting of monetary and non-monetary exchange, such as public grants, voluntary commitments, mutual aid, commercial arrangement, and private sponsorship. By taking this view of our economic well-being, we aim at enriching and negotiating our commons vis-à-vis an increasingly financialized world.

The Head of Diverse Economies oversees the transactions in Casco’s diverse economies in order to support the institution’s viability, and actively stimulates its healthy enrichment to facilitate the smooth running of the institution’s activities in cooperation with the rest of the Casco team.

Responsibilities include:

  • Charting and taking care of the movement of transactions from a perspective of diverse economy. This includes budgeting (keeping track of monetary transactions) and managing the expectations, needs, and mutual responsibilities of different actors and stakeholders (non-monetary);
  • Extending and diversifying the relations of transaction;
  • Developing strategies and practices of enriching the relations of transaction, including new guidelines for wages and a new system of management (such as an open book system).

For this position, Casco expects you to have knowledge of the management of the financial-capitalist economy as well as of alternative economies. You should have experience in dealing with financial administration and fundraising. You value art and are able to articulate the values around art and art organizations in a wider cultural and social landscape. You enjoy collaboration, cooperative planning, and are good at both verbal and written communication.

The forms and conditions of contract for the above position will be discussed individually and Casco works with the CAO (collective labour agreement) suggested by the City Council of Utrecht. In general, the first contract for each role will be a maximum of one year, to be possibly followed by a long-term mutual engagement.


16 Jan 2018-05 Feb 2018

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The Casco program is supported by Mondriaan Fund, the City Council of Utrecht, and DOEN Foundation via Arts Collaboratory.