re-projecting (Utrecht) Event 3: Overvecht Zombiewalk

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re-projecting (Utrecht) Event 3: Overvecht Zombiewalk,

Klaas van Gorkum & Iratxe Jaio,

19 Apr 2008

Zombies spread from the Buurthuis Transit to the area of the Overvecht shopping centre. This project is part of a residency that the artists are doing as part of 'In Overvecht'. The zombie is kind of unglamorous, as far as characters from cinema go. Bereft of consciousness, personality and ambition, the zombie is more of a tragic antihero; a repulsive parody on the ideal citizen, with no other connection to lived experience than the automatic repetitions of old socialization routines. Yet in all its dogged determination to go after the living, one cannot help but feel sympathy for this marauding sleepwalker. Considering we live in a society where the meaning of 'leefbaar' is as elusive as quicksilver, it is not difficult to see the undead as a reincarnation of the old court jester, albeit in gory state of decay, holding up a mirror to our sense of humanity and citizenship. How empowering it must feel, therefore, to walk in its shoes. To reject all meaning and purpose of life, to stop running and start lurching, moaning and gesticulating clumsily. To stumble through the comatose suburbs and haunt its shopping malls, embracing the consumerist promise of individual liberation. If you have ever pinched yourself to see if you would wake up from this mundane dream called life, know then that you are not alone! Join us in a melancholic revolution without leaders, and sense of direction. More images and info: