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N55, Nathan Coley, Jens Haaning, Maureen Mooren and Daniel van der Velden, Hotel,

Project 05 Mar 2000-26 Mar 2000

The Danish artists' group N55 have installed elements of the Spaceframe in a private apartment in Utrecht, at Sterrenhof 9 bis. This building system, developed in collaboration with the architect Erling Sørvin, comprises convenient three- and six-sided aluminium elements which are able to support considerable weights. A range of constructions, even an entire house, can be built from these geometrical forms. By placing the Spaceframe modules in a domestic environment the artists investigate how art may be integrated into the daily life of the inhabitant.  
The members of N55, based in Copenhagen, are Jon Søvrin, Rikke Luther, Cecilia Wendt and Ingvil Aarbakke. From their shared living and work space they work on a structured project which has a fundamental and concrete significance for everyday life. In the text 'Art & Reality', N55 proposes that art is inconceivable when not generated in relation to people, their behaviour and concrete situations. Their functional art objects hold both aesthetic and ethical implications. From this position they have designed Kitchen Unit (which combines a cooker and a dining table), chairs and tables, the Hydroculture Unit (to grow plants at home) and the Hygiene System (a portable, stackable, low-budget sanitary unit comprising a bath and toilet made from industrial cubes and a pond pump). N55 publishes the technical details and instructions for the production of their objects. These manuals are available free and may be found on their web site.  
While installing the Spaceframe, N55 worked on publication#8, which is also available for free. N55's project will simultaneously take place in the apartment at Sterrenhof 9 bis, Utrecht, and around the Casco space at Oudegracht 366, Utrecht.  
translation: Annable Howland 
Real Experiments#5  
N55 publication#38, casco 2000.  
N55 and Lars Bang Larsen in dialogue: Exchanging, Casco Issues#6


05 Mar 2000-26 Mar 2000

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