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Joke Robaard and students of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Tarik Sadouma,

Project 03 Mar 2002-06 Apr 2002

An investigation into the dynamics of garment-representation by students of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in collaboration with Joke Robaard. 
Garments are continuously presented in new constellations, but never really described. Where are the texts that map the progress of the everyday garment? 'S(t)ock' is a presentation of an investigation into 'archetypal', everyday garments, to find a different information language. Students of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, in collaboration with Joke Robaard, worked on an archive in which garments and their surroundings are represented in series, maps, books etc. Garments show- in endless modulations - the behaviours of people; replace 'garment' with 'feature' and you will understand the extent to which people imbue clothes with an identity. The archive is no static accumulation of forms, it rather aims to create a dynamic 'garment cartography' which maps the traces of everyday garments or user objects.  
'S(t)ock', printed matter by Floor Wesseling and Emile Molin will be launched at the opening  
The students Visual Communication Gerrit Rietveld Acedemy are: Alon Levin/ Karin Aviaz/ Barbara Hermann/ Anne Grumbecht/ Annehenk Rodermond/ Anne-sas Appel/ Louis Lüthi / Bas Thijssen/ Ose Cornelissen / Chantal Hendriksen/ Serge Rompza/ Dan Geva/ Daphne Corell/ Ellen Kosekowski/ Floor Wesseling/ Harmke Anthonissen/ Joey Kops/ Joris ten Bosch/ Karin Wolters/ Leonie Hoogeslag/ Verena Hauschke/ Marlous Borm/ Sabine Meyer/ Louise Kolff/ Emile Molin/ Maaike Gottschal/ Maartje van Nimwegen


03 Mar 2002-06 Apr 2002

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