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Telestreet workshop,

Candida TV and InsuTV,

Event 25 Feb 2006-26 Feb 2006

Telestreet is a network of close to 200 micro TV transmitters that have sprung from Italy's vibrant political counter-culture, broadcasting in the shadows of mainstream media. Telestreet has grown not just in opposition to media tycoon and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's control of close to 90% of the daily audience, but also from the desire of people to express themselves through audiovisual language. Telestreet does not only have a local reach, an important aspect of what they do is the network that has been formed on the internet, where they distribute their productions to create new forms of media and social activism to challenge the media monopolies. As Rome’s Candida TV describes, Telestreet is a “flashpoint for the development of critical approaches to information production and distribution,” its importance being “to meet one another, share knowledge, re-activate brains, build collective narratives.” 
On 25–26 February Telestreet station InsuTV (Naples) and content producers Candida TV (Rome) will organize a two-day workshop at Casco giving an overview to the telestreet network, covering how it works and what problems it faces and technical solutions for independent video communities, as well as showing some of their productions. The workshop will cover: 
1. Free software for video production 
Explaining how to use free software for editing video – such as Kino and Cinelerra on Linux 
2. Distribution and sharing 
Demonstrating the uses of online archives and explaining how they work. is a very important tool for the Telestreet groups to share creative resources and distribute productions. 
3. How to manage a TV program from remote 
Collective managing, demonstrating the use of Soma, a software, which InsuTV uses to manage TV's programs from remote 


25 Feb 2006-26 Feb 2006

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