Texaco Love

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Texaco Love,

Anna Best, Yvonne le Grand, Guillaume Paris, Hinrich Sachs, Asier Perez Gonzalez,

Project 31 Mar 1996-28 Apr 1996

Photographs, collages, a newsletter, soundtrack cassettes (for sale) and giveaway items donated by Texaco, as satellites around the show's central core: the video projection 'Texaco Love', a 'road movie' of visits to Texaco petrol stations, shown in a miniature cinema. Anna Best reveals her personal attachment to something as anonymous as a chain of petrol stations: their "absurd glamour, non-places along the way which are nonetheless solid, attractive and very definite and which, in their unreality satisfy some part of the late night psyche". In the video 'Texaco Garage Gatecrashes' she goes to Texaco garages at full moon to invite motorists to the exhibition at Casco. The newsletter contains photographs, stories, anecdotes and associations centered around the theme of Texaco, including a number of 'fainting stories'.


31 Mar 1996-28 Apr 1996

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