The Power and Illumination Project

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The Power and Illumination Project,

Annika Lundgren,

Project 01 Jul 2006-06 Aug 2006

During the month of July Casco’s office will be partially powered by energy generated by the daily spinning classes of a local fitness club. 
Annika Lundgren’s Power and Illumination Project takes advantage of kinetic energy generated by fitness centres, and converts it into electrical energy. Over the past two months Hilco Piel and Steven Steltenpool – students from Windesheim University, Zwolle – have developed a technique allowing energy to be easily gleaned from spinning machines. Spinning bikes at Casco in the gym will charge 12-volt batteries, which will be exchanged with those in use at Casco on a daily basis in order to redistribute resources that would have otherwise gone to waste.  
Originally conceived as a model for California – where Lundgren calculated that the number of fitness centres offers a legitimate solution to the frequent energy cuts – for Casco, Lundgren has collated detailed information about the potential of this type of energy and the current energy policies in the European Union. Here the focus lies on the relationship between the power source and the power consumption: the extracted energy is utilized to power social and political awareness, thus converting physical power into the power of knowledge.  
The Power and Illumination Project can be viewed both at Casco and at the nearby fitness club De Workout, and is open to participation through spinning at both locations. 
On 11 July, 7pm, presentations will be given by Annika Lundgren, Lise Skou (Swop Network) and Dominic Hislop & Elske Rosenfeld (Big Hope), followed by a discussion on alternative economies and artistic practice moderated by Emily Pethick.  
The Power and Illumination Project has been generously supported by Mondriaan Stichting, Gemeente Utrecht, Danish Arts Council, K. F. Hein Fonds, Innovex Fitness, De Workout, Windesheim University. 
The artist and Casco would like to thank the following for their help in the realization of the project: Eric Lysen, Karien Dommerholt, Hilco Piel, Stephen Steltenpool, Marc Meyer, Michael Scheepstra, Jens Johansen, Rikkert Pauw, Mart van Zeeland, Herman Verhagen, Heino Schmid and Lila Zotou.