Three D.J. Sculptures

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Three D.J. Sculptures,

Hilary Lloyd, Jeanne van Heeswijk,

Project 05 Oct 1997-02 Nov 1997

Hilary Lloyd is presenting a new work in Casco: Three DJ Sculptures. Thisis a large video installation showing DJs, the new heroes of contemporarylife. The DJs Ewan, Dominic and Sal are shown going to work, playing at aclub and going home in a taxi. The installation comprises six monitors andsix players, placed back-to-back on stands. The 'body' of the video is asimportant as the image. The clean, cool equipment, with its machineaesthetic offers us access to the warm, sultry atmosphere of the nightclub.In the club, the DJ stands mixing, mixing, mixing - almost one with themachine, a gigantic turntable. The infectious music we hear in Casco is theset he arranged for that night.Lloyd portrays people she meets. Much of her work refers to popularculture through the characters she films and the situations she chooses.She presents images from contemporary life quietened down; not asdocumentary registrations of her social context and her life within it, butas a vehicle for reflection. Her ode to the DJ has been soberly filmed froma fixed viewpoint and unedited. The enchantment with club life is stillpresent in the images, but it is transformed into contemplation, the slowimages become almost painterly. Last night the DJ saved my life. 
translation: Annabel Howland 
Hilary Lloyd: Princess Julia, Casco Issues#3 
Hilary Lloyd: Snowflakes Falling on the International Dateline


05 Oct 1997-02 Nov 1997

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