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Project 14 Apr 2007-13 May 2007

In the waters of the Persian Gulf, eighteen kilometers off the southern coast of the Iranian mainland, lies the coral island of ‘Kish’. Since the 1979 Iranian Revolution, the island has been a field for economic, touristic and architectural experiments. 
‘Undecided Utopias’ focuses on a privately initiated architectural competition involving up to twelve German architecture firms to design a huge international tourist and business resort. When design becomes the sphere of exploitation and misrecognition, the place, subjected to such design, is brought to a certain extra–geographic mode. Such excess provides the best ground for the coming together of various geographic and cultural points of views and fantasies, enacted in design.  
‘Undecided Utopia's' is part of an ongoing series of projects related to the island of Kish. 
Pages started its activity in 2004 by publishing a bilingual Farsi/English magazine as well as developing projects and collaborative activities with practitioners in different cultural fields, with critical views on art, culture, urbanism and social issues.  
Exhibition opens: Friday 13 April, 18.00 - 21.00 
'Undecided Utopias' is supported by Gemeente Utrecht and the Mondriaan Foundation.


14 Apr 2007-13 May 2007

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