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Together with artists and communities, the Casco team puts much energy and commitment into putting up amazing and inspiring exhibitions. To gain insight into how our exhibitions are interpreted and to be able to receive direct, honest, and constructive feedback from our public, the Welcome Committee was born. During every exhibition Casco hosts the Welcome Committee: over brunch we discuss our exhibition with three people interested in arts, culture, and the work that Casco does. After a tour through the exhibition, we talk about it together. What do you think about the exhibition? Do you find it interesting? Beautiful? Confronting? Shocking? Inspiring? Stimulating? The make-up of the Welcome Committee varies with each new formation: be they regular visitors to our space and events, people who live next to our building and who we run into daily, or those simply interested in our work or with whom we have collaborated with. In short, the members of the Welcome Committee are the Casco public. These gatherings and conversations are very valuable to us. We learn from each other, write a report afterwards, and take the lessons to heart. Would you like to be part of a Welcome Committee in the future? Send an e-mail to Ying at ying@cascoprojects.org.


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