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Zagen Koken Drogen,

William Speakman, Apolonija Sustersic,

Project 16 Nov 1997-21 Dec 1997

In 1996, William Speakman twice carried out a diving performance in his 3.5metre high wooden Dive Cabin. He remained under water for long periods inanother world, a world of silence where the physical experience iscompletely different to that in the outside world. Visitors, who couldfollow Speakman through the underwater windows, must have been able toexperience something of the stillness in the cabin. However, they wouldhave been most affected by the gentle slow-motion movements of the diver.Speakman's Dive Cabin is one in a series of 'test chambers': isolated cellsdesigned to stimulate a specific sense to maximum effect, to intoxicatemind and body, or, to generate complete concentration.In Casco William Speakman will build three such spaces in which theprocesses of sawing, cooking and drying will take place. In a sound-proofroom is a mechanical saw. The floor and wall are covered in felt. On thefloor lies sawdust. The air is dry, dusty and warm. The pieces of cut woodare transferred to the neighbouring cell, a tent with a water basin inwhich the wood is cooked. A sultry, damp and pungent atmosphere is createdin the tent. The wet wood is then dried on a construction above awood-burning stove and then burned. In the cold winter months, visitorswill be able to enjoy a steam bath and then gather around the warmth of thefire. 
translation: Annabel Howland


16 Nov 1997-21 Dec 1997

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