A Possible Guide to Meeting Utrecht: (Self-Organized) Gathering Spots

25 February 2009 / Utrecht

Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory is pleased to invite you to a presentation of a new map of the city of Utrecht and a tour, drawn from a critical interpretation of the urban culture by a group of students from HKU (Natascha Boel, Kim Eggens, Nelleke van Hoof, Tim van Kessel, Simona Kicurovska, Hedy Tjin) starting at 16:00 from HKU (Ina Boudier-Bakkerlaan 50, Utrecht) and arriving at Casco, to be followed by a screening program as part of the Our Economies project (at 19:00). 

The map entitled A Possible Guide to Meeting Utrecht: Utrecht (Self-Organized) Gathering Spots is an outcome of the students’ half-year collective research commissioned and accompanied by Casco to map out the city from an alternative cultural perspective. The students focused on the notion of public and social exchanges, mapping self-organized spots for informal gatherings where exchanges of resources and stories take place. 

The presentation and tour guide you to a few selected spots on the map and challenge you to find and share other aspects for a possible future map.

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