A Sense of Home

19–20 April 2022, Utrecht University Inner City Campus & Casco HQ
Language: English, RSVP via marianna@casco.art

A Sense of Home is a symposium on Food, Migration and Belonging, hosted by Utrecht University Media and Culture Studies in the framework of the European partnership project FOOD2GATHER.

Casco Art Institute joins the symposium with the keynote on Casco’s trajectory of Working for the Commons by our director Binna Choi, and the performance Weaving Pluriverse by Weaving Realities Collective (Amsterdam) and Suumil Collective (Yucatan, Mexico). 

Public components of the program

Tuesday 19 April, 15:00–17:00

Opening and Keynote by Binna Choi (University Inner City Campus – Drift 21, Utrecht, Room 105). 

Wednesday 20 April, 13:00

Event at UU Theater including food. 

Wednesday 20 April, 16:30–18:30

Performance Memory for the Journey part of Weaving Pluriverse by Weaving Collective and Suumil Collective at Casco Art Institute (Lange Nieuwestraat 7, Utrecht).

For the performance Memory for the Journey, the collectives invite us to make the Pozol drink with them – ’’…an ancient drink from Mayan culture, which is usually prepared for long travels, but also as an offering to the rain, the lake, and the river’’…’’where knowledge is about listening to the silence of the others, and reciprocity as a way to live in relationality with Earth.’’  Please join us! We highly encourage RSVP by emailing to Marianna Takou at marianna@casco.art.


Thanks to Rick Dolphijn and Jülide Sezer

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