Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons (exhibition phase)

26 May–16 July 2017 / Casco HQ

On 3 April 2017 we announced Casco – Office for Art, Theory and Design’s transition into Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons. The transition involves the eponymous “exhibition phase” from 26 May–16 July 2017.

As we transition into an institute for the commons, our process-driven work is especially significant. While exhibitions are not always the best medium to unfold such a process, as display tends toward finality, we also see the possibilities within rearranging and taking pause to grow and entangle. It is an integral part of the commoning process and depends on your feedback and common desire to (un)learn!

Exhibiting institutes as artworks is not new–think Marcel Broodthaers’ Musée d’Art Moderne, Département des Aigles, Section XIXème Siècle (1968), Thomas Hirschhorn’s Musée Précaire Albinet (2004), and more recently Tania Bruguera’s Museum of Arte Útil (2013) among many others. As such, our exhibition looks to this history, but actualizes the institute as artwork by ultimately making it into Casco Art Institute. That’s also why we want to exhibit the aspects of institutes that are not usually exhibited – what we call the “body” – budget, relations, ethics, and so on.


This effort requires close collaboration with many, who are in fact “commoning” Casco and generating the commons, besides us, including:

Works and Projects by: Aetzel Griffioen, Adelita Husni-Bey, Aimée Zito Lema, Annette Krauss, Bram van den Berg, Charlotte Rooijackers, Cooperativa Cráter Invertido, David Bennewith, Dora García, Fernando García-Dory, Faivovich & Goldberg, Gunndór Finnbogadóttir, Ingo Niermann, Jort van der Laan, 小山さんノートワークショップ (Koyama’s Note Workshop), Laura Pappa, Lily van der Stokker, Lotte Schröder, Maja Bekan, Marjolijn Dijkman, Mari Pitkanen, Merel Zwarts, Riet Wijnen, Ruth Buchanan, Southern Wave (Dutch Art Institute), Terra Critica (Utrecht University), and Wok the Rock, plus Minsun Kim and Van Hall Larenstein University students for contributing to the Cabinet of Curiosities for Action.

General identity making: David Bennewith ( with Bram van den Berg

Optic to Haptic Cinema & Cabinet of Curiosity for Action design: Laura Pappa, Lotte Schröder

Installation: Michael Klinkenberg, Thomas de Kroon, Jochem van Grieken, Tim Van Elferen, and Goof Kloosterman

Editing & translation: Janine Armin, Jesse van Winden, Liz Allan, Marnie Slater, Mia You, Rob Rütenberg

Casco team: Anne Punt, community & office coordinator, Binna Choi, director / curator, Fela Kim, intern, Judith Torzillo, project & exhibition coordinator, Niek van der Meer, office & media coordinator, Sabrina Maltese, intern, Staci Bu Shea, curatorial fellow, Vincent van Velsen, curatorial fellow, Yolande van der Heide, head of publishing

Board: Aetzel Griffioen, Charles Esche, chair, Martijn Jeroen van der Linden, treasurer, Tilly Janssen, secretary, Wendelien van Oldenborgh

Volunteers: Alba Clevenger, Carlijn Bakker, Charlotte Amrouche, Christian Sancto, Julija Mockute, Laura Cuzzocrea, Laurel Cunningham, Leana Boven, Lygia van Sauers, Maria Karssenberg, Marianna Takou, Mario Diaz, Nisreen Chaer, Patricia Jiménez López, Paul Schmidt, Robby Wouters, Sanne Coopmans, Tiva Pam, Zlil Busnach

Photography: Niels Moolenaar, Carlijn Bakker

Financial administration: Force Finance (Elkin Willaert)

The Casco team would like to thank to all the contributors to this exhibition mentioned above, and: Andrés García, Andrea Phillips, Anita Boel, Brigitta Isabella, Charlotte Witte, Commonist Aesthetics co-editors (Sven Lutticken, Steyn Bergs, Jorinde Seijdel, and Valiz & Astrid Vorstermans), Dora Economu, Ellen C. Feiss, Galerie van Gelder, 2016 Gwangju Biennale curatorial team (Maria Lind, artistic director, Binna Choi, curator, Han Kang, Margarida Mendes Azar Mahmoudian, Michelle Wong, assistant curators), Jeonhwan Cho (Asia Culture Center, Gwangju), Jiyoung Shin, Kyongnam Yoo (518 Archives), Páramo, Mexico, Perdu, Amsterdam, Rijksacademie, Amsterdam, Teoretica team, Tine de Moor, (Un)usual Business Collective, Yollotl Alvarado, Gabriëlle Schleijpen, Daan van der Linde, Laurie Cluitmans, INLAND 2014 Publishing Class, all the COMING commoners of Optic to Haptic Cinema, and more!

The Casco program is supported by Mondriaan Fund, the City Council of Utrecht, and DOEN Foundation via Arts Collaboratory.

This activity is part of:

An institute – a platform, structure, practice – that works for a vision of art and the commons and better ways of living together.

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