Casco Case Study #3: Dimitra’s Garden by COBRA (Common Bank Rural Activities)

12 October 2015 / Casco HQ

Casco Case Study is an alternating presentation of objects for study that provide insight into Casco’s Composing the Commons program.

Case Study #3 features COBRA, a long-term artistic agricultural project begun by artist Panagiotis Panagiotakopoulos during his participation in Publishing Class V: INLAND. In Casco’s entrance hall vitrine, bottles of olive oil and raki, a stone, oregano, olives, and tea act as “stand-ins” for current social issues around agriculture and the commons in COBRA’s hometown of Saravali, Greece.


Casco’s program is made possible with financial support from City Council of Utrecht, Mondriaan Fund, DOEN Foundation, and European Union Culture Programme.

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