Day With(out) Art 2020

1 December 2020 / Online

1 December, in honor of World AIDS day. Each year since 2017, Casco has proudly partnered with Visual AIDS to present their annual commissioned and distributed video program for Day With(out) Art, an international day of action and mourning in response to the ongoing AIDS crisis. 

For Day With(out) Art 2020, Visual AIDS presents TRANSMISSIONS, a program of six newly commissioned videos considering the impact of HIV and AIDS beyond the United States. The video program brings together artists working across the world: Jorge Bordello (Mexico), Gevi Dimitrakopoulou (Greece), Lucía Egaña Rojas (Chile/Spain), Las Indetectables (Chile), Charan Singh (India/U.K.), and George Stanley Nsamba (Uganda). 
Casco’s curator Staci Bu Shea and producer and researcher Marianna Takou recommended Gevi Dimitrakopoulou for this opportunity and we’re honored to witness the breadth that such an art commission can stir into action. Her new video work This is Right: Zak, Life and After is a portrait of Zak Kostopoulos, a well known HIV positive activist in the LGBTIQI+ movement, antifascist, and drag queen (Zackie Oh), who was publicly lynched to death in Athens in September 2018. Zak’s chosen family and community highlight Zak’s activist life and the response that his murder has galvanized.

Watch Dimitrakopoulou’s video and the others via

Image description: A light skinned person, Zak Kostopoulos as their drag persona Zackie Oh, wears a long blonde wig and shining sequins dress with legging and stands back lit on a performance stage. With their right hand on their tilted right hip, they are giving both their middle finger and disheveled eek face to the audience.

1 December 2020
Online, worldwide

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