FAQs on the Commons & Art

9 June 2018

Are you curious which “FAQs on the Commons & Art” formed the starting point for our roundtable and working sessions? Here are some of the FAQs gathered from our open call for the launch of Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons on 9 June 2018. 

1 What do you mean by a “Commons Economy”?

2 Where do you get your funding from for your collective work?

3 What form does commoning take?

4 What is the connection between local and global in a system that follows commoning principles?

5 How do you all manage to live together without having much privacy?

6 How do the residents get their food and other necessities?

7 How do race, class, gender, and culture figure in the commons?

8 How do art and art organizations practice the commons?

9 How do the commons compare to classical alternative economies like socialism?

10 How does the Vluchtmaat model work?

11 Are there any collaborations between renters and residents?

12 How does one get from where we are to the ideal commons?

13 What current movements might support the commons vision?

14 What do the residents do all day?

15 How can we, in the contemporary context of cognitive capitalism, reverse the demise of bottom-up initiatives?

16 What does art have to do with commoning?

17 What influence do free software and comparable IT-concepts have on non-virtual formations of the commons?

18 How can we work and live together in a condition of equality, even though we are consistently confronted with, and reminded of, the fundamental inequality between the ones with papers and the ones without?

19 Which lessons have been learned from the twentieth century, have the commons learned from historical communism?

20 If the commons are generally associated with collectivity via “sameness,” then how can we break such an association and shift it towards difference?

21 How do you deal with authorship in the commons?

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An institute – a platform, structure, practice – that works for a vision of art and the commons and better ways of living together.

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