30 October 2010, 18:00–21:00 / Utrecht
Starting location: Apartment next door to Rietveld Schröderhuis  
With Annette Krauss, Hilde Tuinstra and other “Read-in”ers 

This session marks a continuation of an ongoing activity at GDR called Read-in, an evolving experiment in group reading initiated and guided by artist Annette Krauss and theater maker Hilde Tuinstra. The participants (“Read-in”ers) invite you to delve into a process of unusual social interaction involving ringing neighbors’ doorbells to request the use of their home for the reading session and collective reading and reflection on the issues and questions that emerge from the experience. Through conceptualizing the permeation of private space and communalising a typically solitary activity, the Read-in practice calls attention to the relationship between the content of a book and the reading of a place, opening up new understandings of the material, affective, and political dimensions of “reading together.” 


The Grand Domestic Revolution GOES ON is a midway manifestation of User’s Manual: The Grand Domestic Revolution (GDR), Casco’s long term “living research” project developed in partnership with Utrecht Manifest: Biennial for Social Design.

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