Story / Heritage, Chapter 3: How Heavy is Time?

5 June 2020 / Casco HQ & online

A new performance by Kanitha Tith marks the beginning of Chapter 3: How Heavy is Time? – a chapter engaging more actively in tools and resources for considering the future use of our building as a site for commoning. As many ask what the structures of art institutions can provide during the pandemic, we take Casco as a case study to focus on the kinds of stories, tools, and proposals that can help us imagine the future of this place of cohabitation and co-management. On our platform, different groups from our ecosystem shares ideas and experiences which we can learn from.

Current resident at Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam and part of the Anti-Archive film collective in Cambodia, Kanitha Tith’s artistic practice consists of everyday handmade works. She coils and weaves bundles of thin metal wire until they are shaped into a sculpture, following no predetermined design. In a newly conceived performance, Kanitha interweaves this daily artistic practice with the breathing scale of the old tree, another mark of the time, offering a space of sensing and reflecting on the exceptional period of time under the global pandemic. The filming of the performance, in collaboration with filmmaker Davy Chou, is part of the work itself as it will capture the moment, not only through its documentation of reality but by suggesting a narrative and therefore a mise-en-scène.

In solidarity with Black Lives Matter, the current stream of information and resource sharing, and the protest that happened on Friday, 5 June in Utrecht, we did not livestream Kanitha Tith’s performance How heavy is time? that was scheduled on Friday, 5 June, 17:00. The performance filmed by Davy Chou instead will be available on our accounts. In place of the livestream and with support from Tith, we dedicated our account to sharing resources and information with regards to the protest in Utrecht (on Friday, 5 June, 18:30 – 20:30 at Jaarbeursplein) the Black Lives Matter movement internationally and specifically in the context of the Netherlands, as well as amplify voices of Black artists and makers.

The performance still took place in the Abraham Dolehof courtyard, as Kanitha’s practice and this performance offers up a space to sense and reflect on the heaviness of time.

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A process of commoning the main site and building in Utrecht’s Museum Quarters through different modes of sharing the space, its use values & stories.

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