Inqueersections Festival

14 February 2014–16 February 2014 / Amsterdam
The workshops are free of charge and require no pre-registration. The timetable and complete descriptions of the workshops can be found on the website at

Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory is delighted to host Inqueersections Festival, which is dedicated to exploring the possibilities and boundaries of queer and feminist activism in and across different contexts. The festival gathers activists, artists, theorists, and cultural workers who share a commitment to questioning the dominant power structures: the sexual, racial, and economic hierarchies of our societies. Inqueersections is indebted to Black feminism and queer studies, and takes up the notion of intersectionality first articulated by Black feminist legal scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw, and which has since then been adopted by various contexts and used as a tool for thinking about a wide range of sources of oppression and their interactions. 

Three days of screenings and workshops are hosted by Redmond Collective (Amsterdam), Voices of Women Media (Amsterdam), Sex Worker Open University (Berlin/London), Egbert Alejandro Martina (Amsterdam), Vreer (Amsterdam), Güarrillerxs (Madrid), Smaschieramenti (Bologna), Fiokla and Ramuné (Lithuania), Slavcho Dimitrov and Velimir Zernovski (Macedonia/UK), Zarra Bonheur and Illudshione (Paris), MP5 (Italy), Petra Ybeles Smit (Nijmegen), and Radical Queer Affinity Collective (Budapest). During these sessions we explore how intersecting forms of oppression can also create a basis for unexpected alliances, complex dialogue, and possibilities to share knowledge and strategies of queer activism among different groups and environments. This point of departure also invites us to critically engage each other in questioning the power relations that our actions uphold and what kind of knowledges can be silenced as a result.

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