Love Meetings by Pier Paolo Pasolini

17 December 2017, 19:00–21:30 / Casco HQ

In the context of the project-exhibition Army of Love we are screening the 1964 film Love Meetings (Comizi d’Amore, Italy / 89 min / Italian with English subtitles) by Pier Paolo Pasolini, followed by a discussion led by Marije Janssen, an activist and educator, and initiator of Platform voor Seksualiteit (Platform for Sexuality). Exhibition hours have been extended until 19:00 hrs for the event, so you may see the exhibition beforehand!

Shot by Italian director, poet, and intellectual Pier Paolo Pasolini, Love Meetings surveys people from across Italy about love and sex – from homosexuality and virginity, to sex work and sex education. In this feature-length documentary, Pasolini captures the confusion, ignorance, and conservatism of the time, sentiments that despite the passage of years remain relevant to this day and therefore need examination. “Having the conversation” about sex, love, and intimacy is shown to be an important part of defining our realities, to better understand where they overlap and where they diverge from others. After the screening, Marije Janssen leads a discussion on ways in which we, as experts in our own experience, would like to talk about love and sexuality. Janssen’s work is rooted in the concept of sexual integrity, a holistic approach to sexuality and intimacy. Janssen has engaged in topics around sexuality for over ten years, ranging from feminist pornography, sex worker rights, and education to consent and intimacy.

Janssen joins us again after leading the workshop Touching Tenderly during the Army of Love training camp. The project-exhibition Army of Love proposes that we think about love as a resource, and that we regard the Army as an experimental organizational form that can responsibly address the injustice of both the absence of love and the abuse of it. The exhibition shares learning resources that emerged out of the Army of Love training camp in Utrecht and Lo Inadecuado & su Laboratorio del Amor hosted by Dora García via the Independent Studies Programme, MACBA in Barcelona. Join us for the screening and discussion, and consider joining the Army!


The Casco program is supported by Mondriaan Fund, the City Council of Utrecht, and DOEN Foundation via Arts Collaboratory.

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