MAFA HKU / temporary take_over / how to work together

28 November–21 December 2022 / Casco HQ
Open for public on 8 December, 17:00–20:00
Visit our access note when visiting our building

The coming weeks HKU Master Fine Arts will inhabit our exhibition floors to experiment with how this temporary re-location from the HKU Loods to our space impacts, challenges and contributes to the students’ research processes, their routines of working and thinking. It is also an experiment in how to work together amongst a group of students, MAFA and our team with the various needs, desires, and wishes. More specifically, for MAFA it is an experiment in becoming acquainted with an art institution in Utrecht through inhabiting their premises, listening to the institutional rhythms and exploring the cultural and our historical site. For Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons, HKU MAFA’s presence is a continuation of working in close connection to their ecosystem, in which the master programme and its many alumni play an important role.

Feel welcome to come along, experience what is going on, and speak to students and team during the public moments of this inhabitancy: MAFA will host two SHARE YOUR PRACTICE (SYP) sessions on 1 December 17:00–20:00 (in the HKU Loods) and 8 December 17:00–20:00 (in Casco). SYP is a peer-to-peer format in which students share / present / activate their work-in-process, articulate key topics and exchange on what they struggle with while experimenting with how to welcome and introduce others into their artistic work.

Follow MAFA on IG @hkumafa or visit their website.

This activity is part of:

A process of commoning the main site and building in Utrecht’s Museum Quarters through different modes of sharing the space, its use values & stories.

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