Nina bell F. House Museum at Singapore Biennale 2022

16 October 2022–19 March 2023 / Singapore
Learn more through the Singapore Biennale 2022 website

It is our pleasure to contribute to the Singapore Biennale 2022 – named Natasha – through a new collective project: Nina bell F. House Museum.

The project is led by Amsterdam based artist Donghwan Kam, Leiden based cultural theorist Nuraini Juliastuti, NY based curator Sophia Park and Utrecht based organizer and researcher Ying Que. It introduces to the public the life and spirit of Nina bell F., a figure conceived by the team at Casco in 2016 in grappling with the questions of collective authorship and the possibility (necessity, even) of an institutional body being transformed into a collective. These questions were raised while the Casco team and artist Annette Krauss together have been engaging with the long-term Site for Unlearning (Art Organisation) project that takes on the process of unlearning oppressive institutional habits for a more commoning practice.

The name Nina bell F. stems from the shared admiration by the 2016 team for the artistic, black, feminist, and political engagements of Nina Simone, bell hooks, and Silvia Federici and embodies the practices of many artists, other practitioners and organizations around the world, as found through yet beyond the archives of Casco.

Image description: (1) Banner photo contains various archival Casco materials, booklets and an abstract drawing of a face. (2) Side photo is an excerpt of the flyer for Nina bell F. House Museum at Singapore Biennale 2022 with a drawn house and the title. Credit: (1) Donghwan Kam, photo, 2022. (2) Seokyung Kim, design, 2022.

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