Radio Kakofonie

12 March 2017, 12:00–16:00
Stadhuisplein in Utrecht

Radio workshop for children, with artist Merel Zwarts, Stadhuisplein Utrecht, Culturele Zondag

As part of Casco’s ongoing program for children during Culturele Zondagen (Cultural Sundays), we and the artist Merel Zwarts would like to invite local children and their parents to take part in the radio workshop Radio Kakofonie (Radio Cacophony) on Sunday, 12 March 2017, at the Stadhuisplein in Utrecht.

Together with the artist, the youngest citizens of Utrecht will explore the (hidden) stories and sounds that characterize what it’s like to live in this city. The workshop will take place in a special installation designed as an alternative “living room,” situated amidst the noise and clamor of Utrecht’s city center. From 12:00–16:00, Radio Kakofonie will broadcast live from the Cultuurhuisje at the Stadhuisplein.

“Hi there, are you tuned in and listening along? I would love to listen to you, too! Please tell me who you are. What is your story? Join us in the living room of Radio Kakofonie, contribute to a soundscape of noises and voices, or meet people you didn’t know before. Here, you can host a talk show, interview your parents, perform a radio play, or record the street sounds you hear around you. All of these sounds will spread throughout town along the waves of Radio Kakofonie, bringing untold tales to life and meeting ears that were just waiting for a beautiful sound or story. Afterwards, you can play back the live broadcast as a podcast.”

This workshop takes place within the context of March’s Culturele Zondag (Cultural Sunday), themed Uitgesproken Utrecht, and continues the series of regular events especially aimed at children that Casco and Merel Zwarts have been organizing over the past few years. In the “living room,” you can also view documentation of previous editions of these workshops held at Casco.



The Casco programme is supported by Mondriaan Fund, the City Council of Utrecht, and DOEN Foundation via Arts Collaboratory.

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