re-projecting (Utrecht) Event 2: Generale Staten

18 April 2008 / Utrecht

A game that imagines the spread of a virulent pandemic in an isolated town. 

Dear inhabitants of Orania,  

As you may have heard a virulent pandemic has rapidly spread throughout Europe. The yet unidentified virus is highly contagious and potentially deadly. In spite of precautions, outbreaks on the Netherlands’ main land have erupted. In the past week fifty of our fellow country men and women have died. Another 600 have been admitted to hospitals after various complaints of unusual behavior and physical symptoms yet to be specified.  

Although state authorities have announced that the situation on the mainland is being managed adequately and is under control, we have come to the decision to put a ban on all traffic from and to Orania as of today. We strongly believe this is in the interest of all. We sympathize with your concerns about family and other ties or obligations you may have outside the island of Orania. However, for the sake of your own and other people’s safety you are not allowed to leave Orania until the ban is lifted. We ask for your understanding and cooperation. 

All schools and offices will be closed until further notice. We will provide you with more information as soon as possible. 


Your mayor 

Jaarbeurs, Orania, 18.04.2008

This activity is part of:

A collaborative, week-long and multi-location project by Ricardo Basbaum.

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