Salwa Gathering: Resilient Grounds, Nurturing Soils

13 & 14 May 2022 / Casco HQ
Admission is free. Please visit our access note.

“The garden has taught me to live, to appreciate the times when things are fallow and when they’re not.” – Jamaica Kincaid 

The second SALWA Gathering, titled Resilient grounds, nurturing soils, will take place at Casco! We are happy to co-organize and host the second Gathering, curated by our curator Leana Boven and SALWA’s Yara Said & Riad Salameh

The SALWA Gatherings aim to create long-lasting infrastructures and models around collective care practices. This two-day event in May is a continuity of the first Gathering that revolved around roots and routes. Resilient grounds, nurturing soils will centre around our understanding that in order to be able to enjoy the fruits of our labour in the future, we need to lay the groundwork and prepare the soil. We hereby consider soil as transformational, historical, and relational. Working together with artists in a collaborative manner where sustainability and resilience are key components, this program aims to establish long-lasting relationships where tools, wisdom and skills can be shared among each other, in conversation with the public that will be invited to actively engage. 

The two-day program will unfold around practices that demand, as is the case with the delicate work of replanting, tender hands that can bring about nourishment and understanding. Besides providing space for joy and togetherness, we also want to ask: how can one deal with hard and rotten soil when the old roots are still in place? What kind of meeting grounds can we bring into being from where we can collectively articulate, explore, and challenge the current realities we are facing? Within the space of Casco Art Institute we want to come together by organising a variety of events and talks alongside an exposition.

Friday 13 May

Ongoing: Care Radio by Espacio estamos bien*

16.00 Doors open exhibition / food and drinks
17.00–18.00 What will happen when we are collectively meandering? Walk in Utrecht, by Giath Taha**
18.00–18.45 Artist talk Giath Taha + Q&A moderated by Leana Boven
19.00–19.30  Let’s go to the toilet by TELMAKINA, Performance lecture
19.30–20.30 Dinner time + welcome speech
20.30–21.00 Performance Beirut Berlin Birds by Nour Sokhon + Q&A moderated by Yara Said 
21.00–22.30 DJ set by Derozan in collaboration with Stranded FM

Saturday 14 May

Ongoing: Care Radio by Espacio estamos bien*

15.00 Doors open exhibition / food and drinks
16.00–16.45 Halaqa by Jasmin Sharif** 
17.00–17.45 Turning the غرب into قرب: a kleicha making session with Yusser Salih**
18.00–19.00 Panel talk with artists Abdullah Qureshi, Tewa Barnosa and Yusser Salih  moderated by Shailoh Phillips
19.15–19.45 Performance Beirut Berlin Birds by Nour Sokhon
20.00–21.30 DJ set by Djette Nanixa in collaboration with Stranded FM

The exhibition is showcasing the work of artists Tewa Barnosa, Yusser Salih, Jasmin Sharif, Nour Sokhon and Abdullah Qureshi. 

*Care Radio is a space to share sounds, amplify voices, portray communities and acknowledge nearness. Espacio estamos bien is Mariana Jurado & Francisca Khamis
**To participate in these sessions sign up by emailing


The Gatherings in 2022 are generously supported by Mondriaan Fonds and Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (AFK).

The partners for The Gathering include SALWA, Casco Art Institute : Working for the Commons, The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux, Goethe-Institut Niederlande, and Framer Framed.

Curated by Leana Boven, Yara Said, Riad Salameh
Production by Lucia Fernandez Santoro, Annemarijne Bulsink
Communication and graphic design by Mooni Studio
Content development by Shailoh Philips

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